We have determined that the Cooper Union's academic buildings are safe to open this morning, March 27. We are now exchanging fresh air in the buildings to address a residual odor of smoke. We will delay opening until 10 a.m. Any classes scheduled to meet at 9 a.m. and go beyond 10 a.m. should plan to meet in their regularly assigned classrooms at 10 a.m.

Named Gifts and Funds

The Cooper Union appreciates the alumni and friends who established and contributed to named scholarships, fellowships, chairs, lectureships, facilities and programs. These funds provide essential support for the college, while honoring or memorializing a friend or loved one or creating a family legacy.

John L. Alpert Assistantship in Humanities
Corrinne Alpert
Dean Eleanor Baum Scholarship Fund
James Allaire '39
Ellen Aronow and Michael Aronow
Peter Aronow '08
Gianni Babino '02
Paul Bailyn '59
H. Furlong Baldwin
Phyllis Berger '46
Steven Berkowitz '71
Howard Betts '49
Max Birnbaum '49
Leo Brancato '50
Thomas Buday '51
Mary Campbell and George Campbell, Jr.
John Casolaro '74
Xiaowen Chen '96
John Chih '90
John Chromy, Jr. '52
Jill Ciotti '97
Sandra Cooper '54 and Ralph Cooper '53
Floyd Daniels '69
Daniel Davison *
Ronni Denes and Steven Denes
Sid Deutsch '41 *
Lauren DeVita '05
Seth Dubin, Esq.
Susan Eisenberg '62 and Benjamin Eisenberg '61
Mark Epstein '76
Lindsay Erickson '07
Sari Eskildsen '92
Paul Evanson
Edward Feiner '69
Kenneth Feldhamer '00
Edward Fischer '36 *
Fred Flaschentrager '53
Catherine Frega '85
Robert Frezza '52
Susan Fuhrman and Michael Fuhrman '78
Coleman Fung '89
Anthony Gallo '76
William Germano
Leslie Gill '82
Leslie Gill Architect
Edmund Glaser '49
Harold Goldberg '44
Louis Goldman '36
Richard Grant, PE '88
Jeffrey Gural
Lawrence Gurley '57
Murray Hanig '44
Allen Haughwout '52
Paul Heller '53
David Hoeltzel '78
Karen Holbrook
Israel Kalish '53
Craig Kalle
Syska Hennessy Group Construction
Myron Kayton '55
Joel Kazin '67
Thomas Keller '89
Anne Kim '95 and Eugene Kim '95
David Kliphon '86
Tsz Ko '86
J. Howard Kutzelman '39
Mindy Lang Andrusko '82
Catherine Lang '90 and Paul Lang '90
Stanley Lapidus '70
Nathan Lee '40
Susan Lin '88
Ronald Lipskin '66
Susan Lynch
Claire McCarthy
Thomas Merolla '79
Clarence Michalis
The Corita Charitable Trust
Russell Mohn '01
Charles Morgan '68
James Mozzillo, MPH, MS '70
Ivan Nelson '60
Dana Olton '02
David Orbach
John Papamarcos '41
Christopher Pappas
Hector Pecorini '44 *
Emidio Peluso '43
Joan Ricca and Peter Ricca '57
David Robertson
Sandra Rose
Frederick P. & Sandra P. Rose Foundation
Elizabeth Rothstein '85
Hugh Russell, P.E. '59 *
Frederick Salcedo '62
Debra Schaffer
Mischa Schwartz '47
Thomas Schwartz '44
Carl Selinger '67
Taylor Sherman '97
Stanley Shinners
Richard Simms '59
Michael Simon '65
Richard Slember '55
Henry Stalzer, Jr. '59
Robert Stark '80
George Stimak '71
Richard Stock
Vytas Svalbonas '62
Thomas Synnott III
Nina Tandon '01
Cassandra Telenko '07
Louis Theodore '55
Richard Tomasetti, PE
Robert Topper
Oleh Tretiak '58
Martin Trust '56
The Trust Family Foundation
Mark A. Vasquez '88
Anthony Ventarola '90
Carol Walczyk, PE '89
Willard Warren '50
Carl Weber '49 *
Ping Wei and William Wei '73
Alvin Weinstein '65
Meghan Weir '02
Alla Weisberg and Philip Weisberg, C. F. A. '89
Gerald Weiss '43
Robert W. Bassemir Scholarship Fund
Robert Bassemir '49
Leonard Beck PAGE Fund
Leonard Beck '49
Meredith B. Blaustein Memorial Scholarship Fund
Allen Blaustein
Gail Blaustein and Randy Blaustein
Adri Chaikin
Marca Lam-Anderson
Susan Robson and Gerard Robson
Jon Rowe and Veronica Rowe
Peter W. Bruder Memorial Prize
Ysrael Seinuk *
Frank Caldiero Humanities Award Fund
David Levy '74
Anthony Carbone Memorial Book Fund
Anthony Yoseloff
Anthony A. Yoseloff Fund
Chemical Engineering Class of 1961 Memorial PAGE Fund
Jack Berger '61
Charles Bolthrunis '61
Susan Eisenberg '62 and Benjamin Eisenberg '61
Leon Chernick Scholarship Fund
Shirley Black
Gloria Gillman and Jerome Gillman
Gail Gilmore and Jeffrey Gilmore
Ismar David Scholarship
Helen Brandshaft
Albert and Mildred Feinsilver PAGE Fund
Jo Ann Corrao
Marie Sarnowski
Avivah Sayres
Manuel & Flora Fernandez Memorial Fund
Elvia Fernandez '46
Harold Goldberg Prize Fund
Harold Goldberg '44
Robert Greenwald Scholarship Fund
A. Seth Greenwald
Dr. Michael S. Gross Scholarship Fund
Linda Gross
Robert Hawks Scholarship Fund
Jacob Alspector '72
Dolores An
John An
Thomas Balsley
Thomas Balsley Associates
Curt Barnes
Michael Borkowsky '61
Lawrence Cacciatore
Kevin Chea
Woogil Choe
Koeng Chong
Hyun Chung
Edward Colker
Ronni Denes and Steven Denes
William Germano
Shirley Glaser '56 and Milton Glaser '51
Jody Grapes
David Greenstein
Jeffrey Gural
Hans Haacke
Sarah Haga and Damon Strub
Robert Hawks
Marilyn Hoffner '48 and Albert Greenberg '48
Diana Hutchinson
Josephine Iselin, Esq.
Che Kim
Poe Kim
Sook Kim
Tchah Kim
Youngjai Kim
Mindy Lang Andrusko '82
Peter Lewis
Thom Mayne
Morphosis Architects
Claire McCarthy
James Meier
Clarence Michalis
The Corita Charitable Trust
Lillian Minton
Toshiko Mori '76
Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe '75
Charles Okorafor
Christine Osinski and Gary Burnley
Marc Osofsky
John Pai
Ken Park
Shine Electronics Company, Inc.
Sarah Paulsen
William Pennington
Julia Perlman
George Sidebotham
Georgiana Slade
Gordon Smith
Gordon H. Smith Corporation
Dong Jin Song
Richard Stock
Tishman Speyer
David Weir
Claire Wesselmann '59
Tom Wesselmann Art
Theresa Westcott
Frank Wilder
Tony Yoshida
Palmer Hayden Fellowship Fund
Michael Borkowsky '61
John Hejduk Studio
Jacob Alspector '72
Edwin Aviles '69
Edward Hauben '69
Jeffry Kieffer '75
Katherine Kollar '82
Peggy McKinnie Weaver
Toshiko Mori '76
Robert Tieni '80
John Q. Hejduk Scholarship Fund
Michael Canter '76
Paul Deppe '97
Gloria Hejduk '49
Richard Lewis '77
Richard H. Lewis, Architect
Marilyn Hoffner Scholarship Fund
Arline Oberman '48
Marvin Oberman '49
Jeanne-Claude Scholarship in Art
USM Modular Furniture and the Schaerer Family
Fanny and Irving Katz Memorial Scholarship Fund
Evelyn Katz
Harald Kiel Award Fund
Helga Kiel and Hugo Kiel, D.D.S.
Theodore Mary & Sara Kraut Lecture in Chemical
Jeffrey Kraut, M.D.
Rhoda Lubalin Fellowship Fund
Rhoda Lubalin
Leonard R. Luke Scholarship Fund
Raymond Luke
William Cooper Mack Thesis Fellowship Fund
Ray Burns
Ann Mack
Harriet Mack and John Mack
Eleanore Pettersen Endowment
Altrusa Club of Bergen County
Martin Rothenberg Travel Fellowship Fund
Doris Rothenberg
Jack & Lewis Rudin and Charles E. Schaffner Distinguished Lectureship
Jack Rudin
May & Samuel Rudin Family Foundation
Tam Prize for Excellence in Fine Arts
Kalvin Tam
Sol Tanne Scholarship in Engineering
Sol Tanne '47
Marie and Johannes Vodja Library Fund
Lia Brillhart '60
Irma Giustino Weiss Prize for Emerging Artists
Irma Giustino Weiss '45
Dale E. Zand Family Endowment
Dale Zand, Ph.D. '45

  • Founded by inventor, industrialist and philanthropist Peter Cooper in 1859, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art offers education in art, architecture and engineering, as well as courses in the humanities and social sciences.

  • “My feelings, my desires, my hopes, embrace humanity throughout the world,” Peter Cooper proclaimed in a speech in 1853. He looked forward to a time when, “knowledge shall cover the earth as waters cover the great deep.”

  • From its beginnings, Cooper Union was a unique institution, dedicated to founder Peter Cooper's proposition that education is the key not only to personal prosperity but to civic virtue and harmony.

  • Peter Cooper wanted his graduates to acquire the technical mastery and entrepreneurial skills, enrich their intellects and spark their creativity, and develop a sense of social justice that would translate into action.